In this special edition, we dedicate the content to the crucial examination of the protection of rights of Indigenous creators – through traditional means such as copyright but also innovative or reconceptualized tools. Designs, images, and products originating from these creators often fall victim from outright theft to “cultural misappropriation”. The violations might not be as “easy” as identifying a trademark infringement nor have standard practices in places to enforce. Accordingly, these creators often suffer the losses without the proper knowledge and means to protect their work. Given this dilemma, and A-CAPP’s involvement in a project to assist Native American communities with online enforcement efforts, we have made this topic the focus. To fill this edition, we have gathered worldwide experts to help us through the complex issues of protecting Indigenous IP from the intricacies of the laws internationally, historical aspects, supportive resources, best practices to terminology usage.

Thank you to our cast of talented professionals for your articles and your valuable guidance!

Editor-in Chief, Leah Evert-Burks