Best Practices-Information Gathering in Brand Protection

As the term implies, we all strive to improve our brand protection programs through “best practices.”  Brand protection as a rapidly changing practice requires quick pivots in strategy to address fast moving trends. Exploring and communicating what works best, where and when, is one of the aspects of the BPP mission.

“The Brand Protection Professional: A Practitioner’s Journal is a quarterly resource dedicated to reporting on brand protection issues, research and professional information for in-house brand protection practitioners. The BPP aims to advance brand protection through the establishment of an accessible, comprehensive forum containing essential information for the brand protection community”

Where do you go to gather information on Best Practices? 

Negin Saberi, Esq

Founder & Principal Attorney, Saberi Law PLC,
former Director of Global Brand Protection at Beats by Dr. Dre, LifeProof and Fossil
Manager of Global Brand Protection at Oakley, Inc. 


Speaking with fellow colleagues in the industry is the best way to obtain information on best practices. It is important to have a network of fellow members in the industry to discuss best practices with, bounce new ideas off of, and get referrals and feedback regarding service providers. INTA is a large organization, so to really establish connections it is important to sign up for committees and, once you sign up, to be active. IACC is also a great organization to meet fellow members in the brand protection industry. But based on my experience, the most meaningful connections and discussions arise in smaller informal groups, formed with members of the industry who reside in your geographic area. 

Brian Kristel, CFE, CFI

Director, Investigations Services & Trademark Enforcement Americas
Tiffany &

It is always important to focus on a diversity of thoughts and ideas when it comes to establishing best practices.  Often I found both the network of professionals I meet and published articles are fantastic resources.  Continuing to be proactive in building that knowledge and network is critical.  In the end, it is those resources combined with our everyday experience and dialog with our teams that serve as the building blocks to the formation of best practices. 

Darryl Roth

Brand Protection Manager – The Americas
Monster Energy



AS IRON SHARPENS IRON, SO ONE PERSON SHARPENS ANOTHER – PROVERBS 27:17 – My best resource when looking for the most effective way to take part in the brand protection business is input from my colleagues in the industry. While there are many worthwhile associations in our industry, the best input comes from other brand protection managers. I belong to a group known as West Coast Brands: likeminded, aggressive brand protection managers. Whether it’s a dinner meeting, social get-together, or our annual three-day conference, it’s likeminded professionals who are engaged in the fight – priceless information.


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