Dear BPP readers,

I’m pleased to provide to you the first edition of The Brand Protection Professional in this new decade. In recognition of this significant turning of the calendar, this edition’s Cover Story is the A-CAPP Director’s reflection on past predictions for 2020 and an exploration of what may be the issues of the next decade for the brand protection community.

In this edition’s columns In Every Issue, hear from a former member of the International Trade Commission on how brand owners can utilize exclusion order to protect their brands in the Professional Pointers column; for A View from the Field join the conversation on how fraud investigations lead to uncovering brand protection issues; in the Policy Update hear from the IPR Center Director on the release of the highly anticipated DHS Report to the President on Combating Trafficking of Counterfeit and Pirated Goods; in the Temperature Test results find out which internal stakeholders are meeting with their brand protection teams most often by industry group; and finally the BP Forum includes advice on who should be your brand protection expert.

Articles in this issue explore additional tools for your new decade brand protection tool box, like exclusion orders mentioned above, and also anti-dumping laws; an update on a topic covered previously on academia and trade secrets with new information on the United States’ China Initiative and recent indictments; exploration of the precedent setting case against Google which acknowledged, for jurisdictional purposes, that the internet is borderless; how to convey the three important reasons not to buy counterfeits and pirated goods from a U.S. State Department Office of Intellectual Property Enforcement official; and a look at how consumer’s shopping on mobile devices have aggravated, yet brought new opportunities in brand protection. You will also note we have added some new terms to the A-CAPP Glossary, easily linked in various articles in this edition.

The BPP’s mission is to provide our readers with relevant material “to advance brand protection through the establishment of an accessible, comprehensive forum containing essential information for the brand protection community.”  Please always feel free to contact me directly at

Leah Evert-Burks

Editor in Chief and Industry Fellow
Center for Anti-Counterfeiting and Product Protection
Michigan State University

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