Dear Brand Protection Community:

Engaging with consumers on issues related to trademark counterfeiting and research about consumer experiences and their behaviors has become more imperative for those in the brand protection community as consumers become increasingly exposed to counterfeit goods in many of their online experiences.  We at the A-CAPP Center believe this is such an important area from the research, outreach, and education perspective, so much so that this is one of the Center’s thematic strategic directions and we have created a Brand Protection Council focused on the area of the Impact of Counterfeiting on Consumers and Consumer Behavior.  From my own work with former A-CAPP staff and students on e-commerce and secondary liability, we know that consumer education is imperative to help prevent the meeting on platforms in time and space of the counterfeit posting and the consumer who is ready to buy.  Consumer education is complicated based on many factors, including demographics, region, country, socio-economic status, and type of products that are being purchased to name a few.  By launching our first major research project surveying online consumer behavior in 17 countries, we now have what I hope is the first of many rounds of insight into why consumers do what they do online, what they are feeling, and how we can reach them in hopes of educating and changing behavior.  It also has given us insight into those consumers who intentionally are purchasing counterfeit goods in these countries and their perceptions of why they are engaging in these activities and how the non-deceptive purchase of counterfeits might be addressed. 

Consumer issues impact all of us in brand protection, but also as individuals who purchase branded goods in our day to day lives.  Our collective work in this field will continue to impact not only the organizations in which we work, but our families, friends and communities in which we live. 

The BPP’s mission is to provide our readers with relevant material “to advance brand protection through the establishment of an accessible, comprehensive forum containing essential information for the brand protection community.” 

Kari Kammel
Director & Guest Editor in Chief
Center for Anti-Counterfeiting and Product Protection
Michigan State University


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