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In this edition of the BPP, we highlight education and awareness campaigns in several areas of the journal. As practitioners, we know that “getting the word out” is important both internally and externally. In the BP Forum, association participants in the UL sponsored “Be Safe Buy Real” campaign talk about their participation in this campaign and others; in the Enforcement and Awareness Update, we cover the Stolen Promise Campaign which involves action and education around COVID-19 related fraud; the National Crime Prevention Council and the United States Patent and Trademark Office provide information on its collaborative “Go for Real” campaign; in The Bulletin find the announcement of a new website from the USPTO Chief Economist that consolidates material from 13 agencies to educate the public and practitioners with links to over 238 of the latest directives, reports and policy documents on intellectual property rights infringement.

Also in this edition, learn about Google’s new enforcement policy on removal of organic links in Counterfeit Goods: Why Google’s Shift in Policy is Only the Beginning for Brands and Consumers and what that can mean to brand owners and consumers; discover a NASA developed process applicable to brand protection in Using Stage Gates as a Structure for Brand Protection Strategies; a review of the latest legislative efforts in the U.S. in How Congress Proposes to Protect Consumers from Online Counterfeits: The Good, the bad, and the Ugly; hear from a practitioner who questions Counterfeiters – Super Villains or just Crooked Competitors; in the Professional Pointers column hear about Domain Name Strategy to Protect Brand Identity; from a leading security firm consider (Intellectual) Property Inspection: The Importance of Due Diligence for IP Assets during Mergers and Acquisitions; learn from a counterfeiter from a notorious counterfeit marketplace in A Counterfeiter’s Insight into Camden Town; and lastly, be sure to take the Temperature Test Poll to be reported out in the next edition of the BPP on budget shifts due to COVID-19, and stay informed in reading our reoccurring column In the Headlines/What to Watch.

The BPP’s mission is to provide our readers with relevant material “to advance brand protection through the establishment of an accessible, comprehensive forum containing essential information for the brand protection community.” Please, always feel free to contact me directly at

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