During the 2023 A-CAPP Brand Protection Strategy Summit, we covered many intriguing and timely topics influencing BP practice. One of the panels showcased was “Life Cycle of the Victim’s Role in an Intellectual Property Criminal Case” where prosecutors spoke about how to effectively prosecute IP cases: the hurdles, the strategies, and what is needed from the victim brands to succeed. This panel inspired the 28th edition of the BPP. If you’re a brand owner take note of your vital role in a successful prosecution; if you’re in law enforcement, see what needs to be gathered in criminal actions; for government and advisory roles, put consideration into what laws need to be changed or enacted to prosecute; vendors or the support sector and the extended community of those who support brands and IP rights, note where you, your skills, your techniques and products may be needed to help with putting a successful case together. Let’s make this a crime that is successfully prosecuted together!

Leah Evert-Burks
Editor in Chief, The BPP